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Questions concerning membership, activities, etc. are answered below.

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Link to the SSRA application for the Municipal & Regional District Tax to the Province of British Columbia.

The MRDT is a 3% tax applied to sales of short-term accommodation. The collection of MRDT is to provide funding for local tourism marketing, programs, and projects. The tax is paid by visitors and intended to help grow Silver Star revenues, visitation, and jobs, and amplify Silver Star’s tourism marketing efforts in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The SSRA successfully applied for MRDT in 2021 for the Silver Star Resort Lands area.

The SSRA was formally established by the Province February 25, 2020. Incorporation of the SSRA was completed effective April 2, 2020 as required by the Societies Act.

The SSRA will begin invoicing annual assessments April 1st, 2021

Yes. All property owners within the Silver Star Resort Promotion area are members of the SSRA.

In addition to providing a vehicle for grants and additional funding, the formation of a Silver Star Resort Association will create a platform from which we can ensure the vibrancy of the resort’s future for residents, homeowners, visitors and businesses alike.

It is primarily there to promote, facilitate and encourage development, maintenance and operation within the Resort Promotion Area through marketing and sales, communications, research, special event planning and execution, and may (if supported by the membership through a special resolution) include common village area development and maintenance, central booking, signage in the Village area and Visitor information services.

– Commercial 0 to 799 sqft: $2,000
– Commercial 800 to 1,399 sqft: $4,000
– Commercial 1,400 to 1,999 sqft: $5,500
– Commercial 2,000 to 2,499 sqft: $6,500
– Commercial over 2,500 sqft: $7,000

– Home-based business: $750
– Non-resident business owners: $1,500

– Resort Lot, no part of which is ever offered as rental accommodation for the public: No fees payable
– Resort land owner 1 sleeping room: $400
– Resort land owner 2 sleeping rooms: $650
– Resort land owner 3 or more sleeping rooms: $800

– Single Owner Hotel Lodging: $400

– Contributing Member: $250

– Mountain Operator: $200,000

Residential lots are billed annually on April 1st.

Commercial lots are billed bi-annually on April 1st and October 1st

Assessments are payable within thirty (30) days after being levied

Effective March 11th, 2021 fees not paid within 30 days of levy will be charged interest at the rate of 2% per month, compounded monthly (26.82% effective annual rate), as per Bylaw Section 20.3: “Late payments will be assessed interest at the rate determined by the board.”

All RAM fees should to be paid up until April 1st of 2021 after that date NO more RAM accrues. As per the Rent Charge Covenant Section 11: “Transfer to Taxing or Statutory Authority. In the event a Resort Association is formed pursuant to the Mountain Resort Associations Act and commences levying assessments against the Lands or any Lots and the Operator becomes a member, joins or submits to the jurisdiction of such body, then Silver Star will release the Lands and individual Lots from the Rent Charge provided that the Annual Fee and all arrears and interest with respect to any particular Lot is paid in full to the date of the release. “

Please contact for any questions regarding RAM.