Membership Overview

Membership Overview and Fees

All owners in the designated Silver Star Resort Promotion Area are mandatory Members of the resort association. Membership enables us to promote, facilitate and encourage the development, maintenance and operation of our mountain resort area.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Fees are mandatory and provincially mandated. All owners in the designated Silver Star Resort Promotion Area must be a Member of the resort association and contribute assessment fees to support ongoing destination, marketing and sales initiatives. The fees are payable if a unit is made available for rental to anyone at any time of the year on either a short term or long-term basis.
This system is enviable to many other tourism regions that struggle with nightly rentals zoning and funding for tourism marketing. Guaranteed annual funding to promote Silver Star enables us to market and sell the destination in all economic climates. As of October 2022, operating costs are supplemented by MRDT, a 3% provincial tax on short-term tourist accommodation, first established by the province over 35 years ago to help support tourism marketing and programs.
Invoices are sent annually on April 1 for the year in advance (for example April 1 2022 to March 31st 2023.) Owners need to submit a Declaration of Use by February 28th of each year if they do not intend to make their unit available for rent.
Once a property is substantially complete and free from any health and safety issues, assessments will begin.

All RAM fees should be paid up until April 1st of 2021 after that date NO more RAM accrues. As per the Rent Charge Covenant Section 11: “Transfer to Taxing or Statutory Authority. In the event a Resort Association is formed pursuant to the Mountain Resort Associations Act and commences levying assessments against the Lands or any Lots and the Operator becomes a member, joins or submits to the jurisdiction of such body, then Silver Star will release the Lands and individual Lots from the Rent Charge provided that the Annual Fee and all arrears and interest with respect to any particular Lot is paid in full to the date of the release.”

Please contact for any questions regarding RAM.

In addition to providing a vehicle for grants and additional funding, the formation of a Silver Star Resort Association will create a platform from which we can ensure the vibrancy of the resort’s future for residents, homeowners, visitors and businesses alike. It is primarily there to promote, facilitate and encourage development, maintenance and operation within the Resort Promotion Area through marketing and sales, communications, research, special event planning and execution, and may (if supported by the membership through a special resolution) include common village area development and maintenance, central booking, signage in the Village area and Visitor information services.